Focus on Patient Comfort.

In a hospital particular care must be taken to avoid health risks associated with paint chemicals. Sectioning off work areas from employees and patients so building renovations can be completed is inconvenient and provides no guarantee of containment.


The best way to avoid chemical exposure is to apply products with fewer toxic chemicals and VOCs. Major and minor repairs can then be made with limited disruption to the daily workings of the hospital, allowing facility managers to reduce downtime, and to return scarce resources safely and quickly back to use.

ECOS paints offer facility managers three key advantages when faced with renovations and maintenance projects:

  • Premium Quality
  • Unique Technology
  • Operational Efficiency


Because you care about the environment, your patients and hospital, ECOS Paints is an ideal choice for all your renovation needs. Check out all of our paints, coatings, and products - Learn more here.*

*ECOS’ products have Declare Labels and are red list free by the International Living Future Institute. For additional details, see here: https://living-future.org/declare

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