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Why are ECOS Paints so important for the lodging industry?

Everybody has heard guests and staff complain about paint fumes and the headaches, breathing issues, or nausea that they cause. But, at the same time, everyone loves the sight of a clean, freshly decorated room. The result, hotel owners either annoy their guests anyway by painting, or leave rooms looking less than perfect. With ECOS Paints, there is no longer a need for compromise. Guests can have their stay in comfort and hotel owners can maintain their property at its finest.


Renovating a room involves many costs beyond simply labor and materials. The amount of material (paints cover different square footage depending upon their quality) the number of coats required (similarly affected by paint quality) and the time taken to apply them, all directly impact the initial cost. Cheap, poor quality paint can require multiple coats and take longer to apply than a high quality product. Premium hotels recognize guest comfort as being important. As a result, they segregate areas for renovation away from guests and allow plenty of time for fumes to dissipate. This either results in rooms being unavailable for use for extended periods of time, or they remain shabby looking until the off-season - both of which impact guest reviews and revenue. Finally, the durability of a paint is important. If its bond strength and abrasion resistance are poor, repainting will be required far sooner.


As well as being the world’s best environmentally friendly paint - Learn more here, ECOS Paints have a truly outstanding premium quality performance. The paint coverage is up to 1.5x that of traditional paints (less paint used per room) because our products are not watered down with cheap fillers. We use only the finest pigments from Europe, which enhance coverage and provide deep rich colors. With no traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues, renovated rooms can be returned to service quicker, and smaller areas can be painted without requiring a buffer zone to protect guests from illness caused by fumes. Finally, ECOS Paints are incredibly hard wearing, being used for painting floors and even the yellow marking lines on railway platforms.


Because you care about the environment, your guests and your staff, ECOS Paints are the best choice for all your design and renovation needs. Check out all of our paints, coatings, and products:

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