Charlie & Lola Storybook Nursery Design Inspiration

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Have you ever read "I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato" by Lauren Child? Or any book by Lauren Child? If not, you're missing out. They may not be classics yet, but they're definitely destined to be. Her main characters are Charlie and Lola, siblings with the most adorably charming relationship. And in "I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato," Charlie very cleverly convinces his little sister to eat vegetables by giving them new and interesting names (for example, cherry tomatoes are moon squirters). The story is lovely and the illustrations don't disappoint. That's why Lauren Child's Charlie and Lola storybook makes great nursery design inspiration. Look at what we came up with!

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Ideas for Kid-Friendly Shared Spaces

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A lot of different activities go on in a house, especially one with little kids in it, so it makes sense that rooms need to be designed to accommodate everyone who uses them. No matter how big of a house you have, there probably isn’t going to be just one toy room, a library, a craft room, the sewing room, and separate offices for the parents. Even if you did have a house with that much space (lucky you), playtime will still sometimes happen in the family room, crafts will be made at the kitchen table, spaces simply need to be flexible. And that's totally doable! Check out these 80 ideas for kid-friendly shared spaces.

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A Modern, Whimsical Nursery in Lightest Blue-Gray

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It’s definitely an interior design trend: modern, clean furnishings mixed with natural – or nature-inspired – elements. In this design board created by Esther from Buy Modern Baby, you’ll see how this trend can be applied to a nursery with a little more whimsy. And, while blue is traditionally a color for boys’ nurseries (though that’s changed quite a bit in the last few years), this light blue-gray, Lullaby Paints in Silverspoon, is a perfect gender-neutral hue. Check out this modern, whimsical nursery design and see what you think.

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Using Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenery, in the Nursery

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After 9 months of seeking out trends around the world, the Pantone Color Institute has announced its pick for 2017's Color of the Year: Greenery. “This is the color of hopefulness, and of our connection to nature,"said Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "It speaks to what we call the ‘re’ words: regenerate, refresh, revitalize, renew. Every spring we enter a new cycle and new shoots come from the ground. It is something life affirming to look forward to.” Sounds perfect for the nursery, right? Eiseman refers to it as "nature's neutral," so it's a great choice for a baby boy or girl. Check out our product picks for using Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenery, in the nursery.

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Recycled Decor for the Nursery (That Doesn't Look Like a Kindergarten Craft)

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There are oodles of blogs out there featuring tutorials of the infinite ways you can recycle everyday items into cute decor, but sometimes they leave a lot to be desired in the looks department. Also, not everyone likes crafting. So, what if you like the eco-friendliness of recycled decor, but you'd rather buy than DIY? We have just what you're looking for. Check out this recycled decor for the nursery (that doesn't look like a kindergarten craft).

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A Gender-Neutral Creamy Yellow and Cool Mint Nursery

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Although its name is Sunshine Yellow, this color from Lullaby Paints isn't going to make you feel like you should be wearing sunglasses indoors. Rather, it's a serene, creamy yellow that serves as a beautiful backdrop to this design board created by Esther from Buy Modern Baby. The pops of cool mint give the room a slightly retro feel (which we like), but since the pieces are so modern and contemporary, the result is an on-trend space that we think would be awesome for a nursery. Both relaxing and vibrant, Esther once again brings Lullaby Paints' high-quality nursery paint to life in a new and inspiring way.

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What Can We Write for You in 2017?

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It’s the beginning of a new year and we’ve begun brainstorming topics to cover on our blog, but there’s a voice missing from our discussion – yours! What DIY projects, color palettes, design concepts, or anything else would you like to learn more about this year? Share your ideas and you’ll be entered into this month’s giveaway!

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Unusual and Unique Cribs for the Nursery

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The crib is the piece that anchors your nursery design. Since it's usually the largest piece of furniture in a nursery, it automatically draws the eye to it when you enter the room. This means that it's very important that you love the crib your baby is going to be sleeping in. For those of you who love to set yourself apart from the crowd, you're in luck because we have found eleven unusual and unique cribs for the nursery that are sure to wow!

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Eco-Friendly Flooring for the Nursery (Giveaway!)

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When you’re planning out a new nursery design, your first thoughts are probably all about the theme, colors, and furniture. You’re so excited thinking about your baby growing up in a room full of owls, or fishes below the sea, or superheroes flying around the walls that you never even thought to look down at the floor. But the truth is is that the flooring in a nursery is very important. This spot is where your baby is going to be rolling, then crawling, and then running around. Not to mention that your baby is going to be in this room a lot at first,(newborns sleep 16 - 17 hours a day) which means that your baby is going to spend two-thirds of the beginning of its life breathing in whatever is in the air in that room. Put your mind at ease with these options for eco-friendly flooring for the nursery. (Plus, you can enter to win $200 for Lullaby Paints!)

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How to Paint an Ombre Wall (or Dresser or Anything)

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Not so long ago you might have been totally unfamiliar with the term “Ombre.” Now you see it in reference to hair, clothes, pillows, curtains, cakes – everything! Including painting. Ombre is a beautiful effect and perfect for a statement wall that will make a room go from blah to hurrah! It's also great for bringing new life to a drab piece of furniture. Surprisingly, it's really not as difficult to paint as you might assume. It takes a few extra steps than just doing one color of course, but the results are amazing and definitely worth the extra effort. Check out the inspiration and tips below for how to paint an ombre wall or dresser or anything!

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