The Top 10 Etsy Shops for an Eco-Friendly Nursery

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If you love the idea of supporting small artisan businesses and are looking for non-toxic and eco-friendly products to use in the nursery, then Etsy is going to be one of your favorite online destinations. Etsy is made up of thousands of small shops selling almost anything imaginable and almost all of it is handmade. It’s also easy to find organic, fair-trade, and environmentally-friendly products, so it’s perfect for the eco-conscious, green mom! We took a look at a lot of shops and picked ten that we thought were the best for unique items for the nursery. Here are our favorite top 10 Etsy shops for an eco-friendly nursery. Let us know which one you like the most to be entered into this month’s giveaway!

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Storybook Nursery Design - The Jungle Book

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Since the recent release of the new (and stunning) The Jungle Book movie, we just knew it was the perfect time to create a Storybook Nursery Design inspired by the original book. One of the older popular children's tales, The Jungle Book is a collection of stories by English author Rudyard Kipling first published in 1894. The stories in the book are fables, delivering moral lessons for children through the eyes of animals (Think: Law of the Jungle). This Storybook Nursery Design - The Jungle Book features a mix of muted tones and bold pops of color, creating an energetic but not overwhelming nursery design for your little one. Enjoy!

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Easy Breezy Beach-Themed Nursery Design Inspiration

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Sunshine, surf, sand between your toes... What's more dreamy and relaxing than a day at the beach? Bring the calming sensation of ocean breezes into your home by making your baby’s room into a little piece of your favorite seaside holiday dreams. This nursery will be stress-free to design as well because it can so easily be whatever YOU love most about a day at the beach. It could be the seashells, dolphins jumping through the waves, surfers riding them, sailboats off in the distance, or just lying on the sand listening to the waves that give you that special feeling that only the ocean can bring. Today we’re sharing some tips for easy, breezy, beach-themed nursery design inspiration, so you can make your baby’s room into a soothing oasis.

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9 Essentials For An Organic and Non-Toxic Baby Changing Station

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Risky chemicals should be the last thing on a parent's mind when changing baby's diaper. Luckily, plenty of baby product brands have made it their mission to provide organic and non-toxic alternatives to the many questionable baby care products out there. Baby powder? Check. Wipes? Check. Diapers -- disposable AND cloth? Check and check. What a relief! Read on to see our 9 essentials for an organic and non-toxic baby changing station.

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5 Creative Wall Treatments for Baby's Nursery

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A statement wall (or two) is one of the best ways to totally spice up a nursery without adding furniture or other furnishings that takes up valuable space. Thanks to the world of YouTube, there are plenty of DIY tutorials that make it easy and affordable. Are you ready to take your nursery to the next level? Check out these 5 creative wall treatments for baby's nursery, all of which you can DIY with just a few materials and a couple spare hours!

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The Best Eco-Friendly Baby Products for New Parents

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One of the biggest challenges of being an eco-concious new parent is deciding which products are the best picks for starting baby on the right (read: non-toxic) track. In order to help new parents with this task, we rounded up eleven of the best eco-friendly baby products for new parents, from mattresses to baby food to diaper bags and more! Plus, we're doing a giveaway to help get your eco-friendly nursery in tip-top shape!

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9 Creative Nursery Colors to Boost Your Child's Mood

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If you've ever thought about a paint color for a nursery, you've more than likely been astonished at the huge amount of color choices and various shades. What if we told you there's a way to narrow down the spectrum in a way that genuinely helps your child's mental health? Plenty of color psychology studies show that colors truly do have a big impact on little ones. The effects of your child's wall color on their developing mind may surprise you! We pulled together nine of our favorite creative nursery colors to boost your child's mood, with beautiful inspo boards to match.

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Celeb DIY: Tamera Mowry's Pink Baby Nursery

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Don't we all wish we had the resources to create the aaahh-mazing nurseries we see from our favorite celebs? Maybe not the over-the-top million dollar nursery like Beyonce and Jay-Z made for Blue Ivy, but something elegant and wonderful that exudes luxury while being done on a dime? Is that possible? Yes. Yes, it is. We recently worked with Shalena Smith of Gaga Designs to translate a celebrity nursery design for anybody and everybody. It's pink. It's gold. It's gorgeous. Check out this celeb DIY: Tamera Mowry's pink baby nursery.

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A Tangerine Mid-Century Modern Nursery Design

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Orange is widely known as a challenging color to work with as a wall color, and it would seem especially so for a nursery. Can we dispell the myth? Shades of orange are no more difficult to use in design than any other bright or deep color. You simply have to know how much to use and what other colors and textures to pair it with. Esther of Buy Modern Baby has proven the point with this mid-century modern nursery design using Lullaby Paints in Tangerine as the anchor.

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Eco-Friendly Toddler Beds for Every Budget

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For the eco-conscious parent, finding a toddler bed is much more than simply focusing on safety and price. We want a bed that was manufactured sustainably. Our bed of choice must be free of potentially toxic materials that could harm our children during the many, many hours they spend in dreamland. Luckily for us, there are some stand-out companies who have made it their mission to create stylish, affordable, AND environmentally-friendly toddler beds! Check out our favorite eco-friendly toddler beds for every budget, from sustainability-focused companies such as Sodura, Fantasy Fields, Oeuf, and Rosenberry Rooms.

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