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Don’t just meet client specifications and expectations, exceed them.

Go above and beyond with ECOS Paints – the highest quality zero VOC1 paints in the world. If you want the best color, coverage and durability, combined with purity, safety and eco-friendliness, ECOS Paints are the choice for you.

1Conforms to CDPH 01350 (VOC emissions test taken at 11, 12, & 14 days for classroom and office use). Learn more about VOCs and our commitment to healthier paints here and here.


Our paints are uniquely formulated rather than just a modified traditional paint. That means the ingredients are specifically chosen for performance and exclude the harsh solvents and toxic additives found in traditional paints. Beyond this, we also offer a revolutionary formula that acts as an air filter and absorbs ambient VOCs with molecular sieves that capture a wide range of chemicals commonly found in buildings. We are the first North American paint manufacturer to complete Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for LEED V4 and the first to be listed in the Declare database; a platform of the Living Building Challenge which is widely accepted to be the most advanced green building standard in the world.


Our environmentally friendly paints, stains, polyurethane and other finishes are far better for both you and the planet - Learn more here. But that’s not all. Our cans are made from post-consumer recycled materials and are recyclable. In all of our operations, energy usage is kept to a minimum, we use recycled materials wherever possible and we recycle whatever we can – even our processing water.


For 25 years, we’ve been producing the world’s best zero VOC paint and finishes and our client roster includes The Louvre, Westminster Abbey, The London Olympic Village, and The Googleplex (Google's corporate headquarters). These prestigious institutions wanted only the best – and now your clients can have it, too.


No one creates colors like us. Why? Because it takes highly trained professionals to mix them. We produce everything in-house using the most advanced, environmentally-friendly pigments - a tinting process too complex and delicate for untrained retail staff. Our rich, deep pigments are imported from Europe and we can mix them into any shade you can imagine.


ECOS Paints cover up to 1.5 times more surface area than traditional paints because our products aren’t diluted with cheap solvents and fillers — they’re naturally thicker, mask better and cover surfaces with ease. With ECOS Paints, you spend less time painting and less money per square foot.


Want something that lasts? Of course you do. Our paints are so durable we use them on the floor of our factory where we drive forklifts on them every day.

ECOS Paints (and our ally brands, Lullaby Paints and Air Pure Paints) are THE choice for all your paint and finish needs. We make everything from wall and trim paints to stains and varnishes, as well as innovative products like MDF Passivating Primer that adsorbs toxic chemicals from MDF and particleboard, EMR Shielding Paint that blocks ELF/VLF/EMR radiation, and Air Purifying Paint that adsorbs up to 98% of VOCs for up to 5 years. Check out everything we have to offer and contact one of our experts to learn more.

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